Intutitive Dashboard - View all alerts at a glance, address issues and provide the information you need to make informed decisions, add services and take speedy action to increase uptime, stability and security.

Comprehensive Reporting - Gather data from service overviews, alert summaries, and content filtering and generate easy-to-read, detailed activity reports with the click of a button.

Device and Policy Management - Manage security for all devices with the Cloudcare agent. Policy changes will automatically themselves on the agent-controlled devices in real time, requiring less maintenance and making it easier to scale business operations.

Real-time Alerting - Configure alerts for important issues that need your attention and immediately send email/SMS messages to affected parties, improving your reaction time and limiting exposure.

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Powerful Online Security Services for Small and Medium Businesses

Avast Launches SIG - Secure Internet Gateway

- Provides fast, reliable, secure access for your remote users, branch office or corporate users.